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Ford Mach Forty Mustang

Valspar Automotive Shines at SEMA 2012

At SEMA this year in Las Vegas, Valspar Automotive was able to show off one of its premier paint lines in a big way. Highlighting the Valspar booth was the Ford Mach Forty Mustang, painted in Valspar's DeBeer 500 Series, that won three awards this year including: The Mothers Shine Award, "Best Hot Rod" and the Gran Turismo "Best in Show" Award, earning a spot in future Gran Turismo video games. The builder, David Eckert of Eckert's Rod & Custom, is a huge believer in the DeBeer paint line. "We notice with the DeBeer line that the colors really have a lot more brightness to them and the clarity is really there. I mean the color is really popping," said David Eckert in an interview with Collision Hub. To see his interview in its entirety click here.

Eckert's Rod & Custom wasn't the only one singing their praises of the Valspar Automotive paints at SEMA. In an interview with Collision Hub, Fred Goebel, CARSTAR Shop Owner in Kansas City said "Going from another main manufacturer to DeBeer, we saw definitely the quality and also the price point." Goebel made the switch to Valspar's DeBeer line about three and a half years ago and is seeing the difference. "The difference is DeBeer has been spraying water for many, many years versus some of these other ones that have been spraying it for a few years. They've (DeBeer) already got all the problems worked out of it so it's definitely a smooth transition going from a solvent to water." The DeBeer paint line is a proven product in both the US and Europe, including DeBeer's waterbased paint which has been in Europe for over 10 years and in the US for nearly five. It continues to offer high-quality performance at a great value for any type of business, big or small.

Ford Mach Forty Mustang 2 Along with DeBeer, Valspar Automotive also offers Valspar Refinish and House of Kolor paint lines to suit your needs. Whether it is a waterbase or solvent, primer or clearcoat and everything in between, Valspar Automotive has something for all your refinishing needs-giving you the clarity, coverage, color depth, high performance, productivity and easy to use for any business. To learn more about switching to Valspar Automotive paint and the benefits for your business check out the whole interview with Fred Goebel by clicking here. You can also learn more about our DeBeer Waterbase Series from one of our own Valspar experts, Gary Kilby, Valspar North America Technical Director, during his interview with Collision Hub by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by our booth and help make SEMA a very successful show. To find out more about any of our paint lines, visit our website at For more coverage on the Mach Forty Mustang at SEMA click the links under Articles.

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