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Color. Technology. Trust. Its a bond unmatched by any other brand. Here are some testimonials of chemistry between our product and our customers success.

Gas Monkey Garage

Growing up in his dadís paint and body shop, KC Mathieu found the love for painting. At the age of 12, he painted his first car and has been painting on and off ever since. About five years ago he opened KCís Paint Shop in Burleson, Texas. Since opening, his work has been recognized by nationally known car enthusiasts and is now featured on television with Gas Monkey Garage. KC is using the DeBeer 500 Solvent Base Series and loves it.

ďWell, I think itís kind of interesting, because I think Valspar Automotive paint is underestimated for what it is. The coverage is good, everything works very well together, itís more simple than a lot of lines, the products are user-friendly and the customer service is great. The DeBeer 500 Series is awesome so far.

The hardeners and reducers are universal, so you donít have to have shelves and shelves full of stuff to make everything work. The hardeners go along with everything and itís been nice knowing that itís that simple. Itís nice that you have the DeBeer line and you can move up to the 900+ Water line and there are base products out there that you donít have to pay as much for. Overall, the coverage is good, the clear is like glass and I love the primer.ď

ó KC Mathieu, Painter at Gas Monkey Garage, featured on the Discovery Channelís Fast Ní Loud

Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage
"I think Valspar Automotive paint is underestimated..."

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