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Our Customers

Color. Technology. Trust. Its a bond unmatched by any other brand. Here are some testimonials of chemistry between our product and our customers success.

Legacy Ford Auto Body

For the past 10 years Brian Forester has worked his way through the collision industry, from painting to management. After taking over as manager of Legacy Ford Auto Body in Pasco, Washington, and switching to DeBeer 900 Waterbourne in the last year, the body shop grew 45% and Forester couldn’t be happier with the switch.

“When we brought DeBeer 900 in, we were the first shop in Washington state spraying the 900 Series. Since we started spraying DeBeer, I have had other shops in my region and across the U.S. call and ask about DeBeer Waterbourne and transition over to it.

The color match and primers are great, there is no shrinkage, the basecoat covers well and the High Solids Clear is on the money. With the High Solids Clear, there is no dye back. Even on vehicles we did a year ago for repeat customers, our previous work looks like the vehicle just left the shop yesterday. It is easy to use for my entire Legacy Ford team, and I couldn’t ask for a better product or support from Valspar. It’s a fantastic product all the way around and has been a big part of our growth in the past year. In my opinion, DeBeer 900 is the best paint on the market”

— Brian Forester, Manager at Legacy Ford Auto Body, Pasco, Washington

Legacy Ford Auto Body

Legacy Ford Auto Body
"I couldn’t ask for a better product"

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