Valspar Warranty

Introducing Valspar's Automotive Lifetime Warranty Program for Valspar Certified Refinishers

We are so certain that our refinish systems will not fail you or your customers we are standing behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty. Now you can offer customers the highest quality paint refinishing - backed by the assurance of guaranteed performance. The Valspar Automotive Lifetime Warranty is a valuable benefit available to every shop that is a Valspar Certified Refinisher.

How to Participate in
Valspar Automotive's Lifetime Warranty Program

1. Ensure you have a Valspar
Certified Refinisher on staff
  • In order to qualify for the warranty you must have at least one employee attend and complete an approved Valspar training course. Visit the Valspar Training website and enroll in the Valspar Refinisher training program.

    Not sure if you already have a Certified Refinisher on your staff? Check with your Valspar trainer.
  • Once you have your Valspar Automotive Certified Shop Certificate in hand, you can begin offering this warranty to your customers and using our Warranty Registration site to register warranties.
2. Register warranties
  • Navigate to the Warranty Registration site.
  • Ensure all terms and conditions of the Valspar Warranty program have been met.
  • Complete the online Warranty registration form and select "Submit."
3. File a claim
  • Navigate to the Warranty Registration site.
  • Locate the existing warranty that the claim is against, then click the warranty to view it.
  • Select "Submit A Claim" which appears when you are viewing a warranty.