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Valspar Automotive prides itself on providing the best in color-matching technology, support, and service. With our global color labs and tools, we can match any OEM and/or custom-color needs that you may have.


Find out more about the Valspar Spectrophotometer by viewing our how to use video.


The Valspar Spectrophotometer is built around two simple truths: you need precise color matches and a tool that is easy to use for everyone in your shop.

How do we deliver a precise color match? Start with a color library many times greater than a standard color box. Ensure that you can match original vehicle manufacturer colors-even difficult to match colors, and update new formulations regularly. The result is the best color match, less rework and optimized profitability.

Designed by users, the Spectrophotometer doesn't only deliver a precise color match, it's also very easy to use. Think plug and playa technology, minimal training requirements, multiple languages, and simple calibration.

The Smart Formulation Option ensures a color match in all types of lighting. The Spectrophotometer alerts you if it needs to be calibrated, assuring you will always get the best possible color match. The Spectrophotometer is precise, simple and smart. A precision color match is just a click away.

Shop Tools
  • Global Color Box—a large array of fan decks, grouped by auto manufacturer, containing over 4000 chips and including info on variants and codes.
  • Color Books—are available for each refinish paint system; all are an easy-to-use reference tool printed annually with the most recent domestic and import colors to identify vehicle colors and eliminate the guesswork with a color chip comparison.
    Valspar Refinish Global Color Manual 2017-2018
    Matrix Automotive Finishes Global Color Manual 2017-18
    Prospray Finishes Global Color Manual 2017-18
    Debeer Refinish Global Color Manual 2017-2018
  • ICRIS—an easy to use network database that stores information on over 80,000 international motor vehicle colors-and is updated weekly.
  • Valspar Color Reader—is a compact, fast, and accurate color referencing tool for solid colors. At a touch of a button, the integrated digital camera takes 27 unique color readings to produce the best match from the extensive database - giving you accurate color, fast.
  • Color Focus—is a comprehensive, formula retrieval, paint management system featuring inventory control, accurate job costing, R.O. tracking, VOC reporting and many other advanced management features.
  • Navigator Precision Color Selection System—provides more than 5,100 of the most popular domestic and import colors, expertly organized by color family and sprayed using genuine Prospray paint.
  • AccuShade Intermix System—is designed to achieve consistent world-class color quickly and easily across multiple technologies all from one mixing bank. Offers the latest color formula information for domestic and import vehicles.(Matrix)
  • PaintXPert Software—is Prospray's user-friendly Windows based PC software/hardware package that provides accurate and efficient access to over 280,000 color formulations.
  • Color Information Maps—The Valspar Color Information Maps make it easier to match colors. Available in three different color books, each chip is sprayed with Valspar Automotive paint to accurately depict the applied finish. Quickly search colors by family, match colors without a code or simply offer your customer a wide variety of color options. Select from:
    • Book 1 — Solid Colors
    • Available in single stage or base coat colors
    • Book 2 — Single Stage Colors
    • Applies to single stage metallics
    • Book 3 — Base Coat Colors
    • Applies to metallics and effect base coat colors
    Valspar Color Information Maps can be purchased separately to accommodate your shop needs!
    Color Information Maps Brochure (PDF)
  • Fan Decks—covering various components and specialties, including engine bay, bumper, and industrial standards
  • Tint Charts—arranged by color family, these display tints at full strength and at percentages when mixed with metallics
  • Technical Help—a phone call, click, or email away, experts are available to assist you in using our refinishing system
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