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Color. Technology. Trust. Its a bond unmatched by any other brand. Here are some testimonials of chemistry between our product and our customers success.

Eckertís Rod & Custom

David Eckert of Eckertís Rod & Custom has been in the field of custom restoration for about 30 years, including the past nine years with Eckertís Rod & Custom. Located in Molalla, Oregon, Eckertís Rod & Custom does custom restorations across the board including concourse and full custom restorations and concept cars. Eckertís Rod & Custom made the switch to Valspar Automotive products, both DeBeer and Valspar Refinish, and has been happy with the results ever since. During SEMA 2012, Eckertís Ford Mach 40 Mustang, painted in Valspar Automotiveís DeBeer 500 Series, walked away with three awards, including the Mothers Shine Award, ďBest Hot RodĒ and the Gran Turismo ďBest in ShowĒ Award, earning a spot in future Gran Turismo video games.

ďI like how easy it is to use and apply for one, itís pretty forgiving as far as temperature and climate go. The other thing about it is the cost; it is not the most expensive and itís not the least expensive. Itís really on the high end for the price that youíre paying. I like the repairability of it and how easy it is to use. The clears are awesome, because the clear is truly crystal clear, which is very important in our line of work as we basically abuse the products. We have been able to do that with Valsparís products and not really have any problems whatsoever, so that makes it very nice. Sometimes youíll have a little wave in the panel and we can actually come along and dump more clear on it to get the car perfectly straight.

Iíve been using your products for probably eight years now. Weíve seen the cars after eight years and they look as good as the day they left. There is no shrink back, no funny stuff going on with the paint, so we are absolutely thrilled with that; thatís the reason why we insist on using it. The product speaks for itself. If you look at any of the cars that we have done throughout the years, you can look at them now and I can put them up against any other paint that is the same age and same use, and I would think Valspar would run head-to-head with them, if not better.Ē

ó David Eckert, Owner of Eckertís Rod & Custom, Molalla, Oregon

Eckertís Rod & Custom

Eckertís Rod & Custom
"I like how easy it is to use"

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